Preparing for Environmental Emergencies

Preparing for Environmental Emergencies

Protecting the environment and minimizing risk is an integral part of our decision making at Nova Scotia Power.  We place priority in our environmental performance and management by following an Environmental Management System (EMS).  This allows us to identify impacts, set goals to manage them and put plans in place to meet and constantly improve those goals.  

Each of our thermal power production facilities has an expert team of plant environmental staff, maintenance superintendents and engineers.  Our team of experts ensure we are complying with our regulatory requirements, completing necessary repairs and managing inspections of our petroleum storage systems in an effort to minimize any environmental risk.

Health, Safety and Environmental Commitments

Nova Scotia employee in hard hat, goggles and safety vest standing near a dam

We take public safety and the protection of our environment very seriously.  Each facility has a comprehensive emergency response plan that is reviewed every year.  This ensures we are prepared to respond to situations safely and quickly.  Our goal is to eliminate, reduce and or mitigate the health, safety and environmental impact of an uncontrolled, unplanned or accidental release/spill of a petroleum product into the environment.



Four of our thermal power production facilities store over 2,500 tonnes of fuel oil:  

  • Tufts Cove Generating Station
  • Trenton Generating Station
  • Point Tupper Generating Station
  • Lingan Generating Station

Ready to Respond

Emergency response plans are tailored to each facility to cover their operations and site-specific risks.  They include maintenance procedures, operating procedures, training programs and reviews and drills.  Annual exercises are conducted to help make sure our team is ready to respond in the event of an emergency.

Safety and Accountability

We minimize the risk of an environmental emergency through compliance with the Nova Scotia Petroleum Management Regulations and are committed to reporting and responding to environmental emergency in keeping with all provincial and federal regulations.  

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Keeping You Informed

In the event of an emergency, NSPI will work with local first responders to ensure all affected members of the public are notified in a timely manner. 

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