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“At Nova Scotia Power we see ourselves as both an enabler and accelerator to help build the green economy in Nova Scotia; but we know we can’t do it alone. It will take all of us working together to collaborate, innovate and take action to get there.”

- Peter Gregg, President and CEO, Nova Scotia Power.

Collaboration, innovative thinking and a commitment to sustainability are driving us towards a greener and smarter energy future; and we need like-minded businesses working with us to get there.

We rely on vendors/businesses for the goods and services needed to ensure safe, reliable and affordable service for our customers across the province every day. We're committed to ongoing communication with the business community and helping ensure awareness of local and other businesses with the right products and skills that can be invited to participate in our procurement processes.

Providing vendor information (per the below) gives businesses an opportunity to potentially provide goods or services by participating in future project/work opportunities. While Nova Scotia Power does not publicly issue all procurement efforts, vendors are invited to submit proposals based upon opportunity and fit.  


Vendor Requirements

All potential vendors must comply with the company’s health, safety, environment and other corporate policies. A strong, health-and-safety focused culture and a demonstrated track record of working safely are first and foremost. We’re also interested in companies that are developing innovative technologies—that may be outside of our historical/typical supply base—that have a scale and depth of delivery. Vendors will be requested to provide related documentation/information if selected in the future. 

Please note that providing business information does not mean a business is an approved vendor and does not automatically include a business in future RFP processes. You will receive an email confirming submission of your form. Please note this does not mean you are an approved supplier.

Interested in working with Nova Scotia Power on future projects?

Please visit our Nova Scotia Power Procurement Bonfire hub. If you have not registered before with Bonfire, choose the “New Vendor Registration” link. If you have already registered, you can log in with your existing Bonfire username and password.

Proof of WCB and insurance documents will be required if selected for an opportunity.



We are committed to strengthening relationships with our suppliers through ease of invoicing and on-time payment. Our Purchase Order (PO) approach helps ensure that our team can efficiently process invoices, resulting in timely payment for our suppliers. 


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  • Invoice Submission Guidelines

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