Interruptible Rider (Large Industrial Tariff)

Interruptible Rider to the Large Industrial Tariff


This rider will be available to a minimum regular billing demand of 2 000 kV.A at 90% Power Factor, under the following terms and conditions:

  1. The customer has provided written notice of his desire to take service under this option, identifying that portion of the load that is to be firm and that portion that is to be interruptible (minimum 2,000 kV.A).

  2. The customers will reduce their available interruptible system load by the amount requested by NSP within ten (10) minutes of such request by the Company.

  3. Following interruption, service may only be restored by the customer with approval of the Company.

  4. Failure to comply in whole or in part with a request to interrupt load will result in penalty charges. The penalty charge shall be twice the cost of the appropriate firm billing effective at that time for the consumption used in that billing period.

  5. Should any customer under this rider desire to be served under any appropriate firm service rate, a five (5) year advance written notice must be given to the Company so as to ensure adequate capacity availability. Requests for conversion to firm service will be treated in the same manner as all other requests for firm service received by the Company. The Company may, however, permit an earlier conversion. In the event that the Customer desires to return to interruptible service in the future, the Customer may convert to interruptible service following two (2) years of service under the firm tariff. The Company may permit an earlier conversion from firm to interruptible service.

  6. Interruption is limited to 16 hours per day and 5 days per week to a maximum of 30% of the hours per month and 15% of the hours in a year.

Demand Discount

Customers who qualify for interruptible service will receive a $7.486 per month per kilovolt ampere reduction in demand charge for billed interruptible demand. The billed interruptible demand is defined as the difference between any contracted firm demand requirements and the total billing demand. Where the billing demand is less than the contracted firm demand, no interruptible credit shall apply. The billed interruptible demand will be the maximum interruptible demand of the current month or the maximum actual interruptible demand of the previous December, January or February occurring in the previous eleven (11) months.

Sample Interruptible Rider Unit Cost

The average unit cost to the customer varies according to the billing demand and energy relationship measured by “ Load Factor ”. Average unit costs (¢/kW.h) are shown for a range of load factors. Monthly customer cost = ¢/kW.h x consumption (kW.h).

Load Factor¢/kW.h
(excluding taxes)


Tariffs, rates and descriptors shown are for information purposes only. Official tariffs as per Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board approved Rates and Regulations schedules.

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