Charitable Organizations

Charitable Organizations 



The following rates are applicable to senior citizen's clubs, service clubs, volunteer fire departments, Royal Canadian Legions, community halls, recreational facilities owned by a community and used for general community purposes or religious institutions  and a non-profit farmers’ market with a valid public market who qualify as a Charitable Organization under Subsection 3 of Section 73 of the Public Utilities Act, R.S.N.S. 1987, C380, as amended.


Customer Charge

$10.83 per month


Energy Charge

16.215¢ per kilowatt hour.


Fuel Adjustment Mechanism (FAM)

The FAM Actual Adjustment (AA) and Balance Adjustment (BA) charges or credits (in cents per kilowatt-hour) applicable to the Tariff for the current rate year, shown in the FAM Tariff, shall apply. These charges are accounted for within the energy charge on your bill.  To view the cents per kilowatt-hour charge, click here.


Minimum Monthly Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be $10.83.


Charitable Organization Application Form


Sample Charitable Organization Bill

Energy Use kW.hCost per Month
(excluding taxes)

((100 kWh x 16.215¢) + $10.83



Seasonal Electric Service (Regulation 3.3)

The contract period for all seasonal accounts is from May 1 to October 31, in any calendar year. Electric service to seasonal customers will remain connected during the winter period from November 1, to the following April 30 and the base charge will not be billed during these winter months, nor will bills be rendered. Energy used beyond October 31 will be billed on the first regular billing after May 1, or the final bill, whichever comes first. A disconnection charge, as set fort in the Schedule of Charges, will be applied when the seasonal electric service is physically disconnected at the request of the customer. The standard connection charge will apply if electric service is subsequently reconnected.



Tariffs, rates and descriptors shown are for information purposes only. Official tariffs as per Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board approved Rates and Regulations schedules.

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