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You Asked, We Answer: What caused Saturday’s transmission line outage?

We asked Jill Searle, Director of Control Centre Operations, to explain this weekend’s transmission line outage and answer your most asked questions.

You Asked, We Answer: Storm Outages

We asked our Storm Lead, Jill Searle, to answer some of the most common questions related to power outages.

What to expect this hurricane season and how to stay prepared

It’s already been an eventful year for weather here in Nova Scotia. As we kick off another fall hurricane season, staying prepared is critical. Here are some insights on the forecast for this season, along with some tips for staying safe and storm ready.

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You Asked, We Answer: What causes power outages and how are you preventing them?

We do everything we can to prevent power outages, but Nova Scotia’s position on the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean can bring challenges, and power outages do still happen. From severe weather and salt contamination to non-weather-related outages and planned ones, we break it down for you.

Tree Trimming

You Asked, We Answer: Preventing Power Outages & Strengthening Our System

From tree trimming, to upgrades to our infrastructure, to new technology, there’s a lot that goes into keeping the lights on and strengthening our electrical system—for today, and the future.