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A renewable energy spotlight on International Women’s Day

Through an honest discussion with Joanna Osawe and Lia MacDonald, we’re diving into the achievements, challenges, and aspirations of women working in a traditionally male-dominated field: the energy sector.

Women Unlimited breaking down barriers

Women Unlimited provides support to women interested in working in trades and technology through a wide range of mentorships. We chatted with Ann Wilson, a Contract Management Analyst who started her career at our Tufts Cove Generating Station, about her experience as a former participant of Women Unlimited.

In the Spotlight: Women in engineering

For International Women in Engineering Day, we’re celebrating a few of the women who play a vital role in keeping electricity flowing across Nova Scotia. Get to know Mink Aich, Lynne Drover, Parnian Hajimomenian, Mishika Hannedige and Danya MacGillivray.

Powerful Perspectives: Women in Energy

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the women that are working to make a difference for our customers and keeping electricity flowing to our communities.

In the Spotlight: Women in linework

National Lineworker Day is an opportunity to celebrate some of our dedicated women in linework, who work day and night, and through every type of weather to keep you connected.