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Collaborating With Communities on Our Energy Future

We have a collective mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight the effects of climate change. With that comes an entirely new clean energy and clean tech sector that is playing a key part in the province’s economic future. Nova Scotia Power has an important role in supporting the historic growth and development we are seeing—and we recognize the critical role that municipalities play, too. Together we can make big changes happen for the future of our communities.

Now it Can Be Told: NS Light and Power’s Top-Secret War Efforts

In a daring move during World War II, senior naval staff sought help from NS Light and Power to combat the Nazis' high-tech magnetic mines and torpedoes targeting Allied ships. The solution was "degaussing", a technology involving mines or wire coiled around ships' decks to neutralize their magnetic profiles, a vital defence strategy implemented on ships from various nations entering Halifax's port.

Tufts Cove: Over five decades of power generation

You may know about its rich history and photogenic chimneys, but have you ever wondered what goes on inside the iconic Tufts Cove facility? Plant Manager, Lynne Drover took us on a tour and told us all about its ins and outs of making electricity.