Leading the Charge: Phil’s eco-friendly journey

Leading the Charge: Phil’s eco-friendly journey

As Team Lead of Energy Marketing & Dispatch, Philip Webber oversees the economic scheduling of our generation fleet and the intricate dynamics of energy imports and exports. After joining the team in 2004, he became familiar with a range of energy sources and the significance of carbon footprints, which he credits to piquing his interest in decreasing his environmental impact. 

“Once you know about the ambitious goalposts for emission reductions and carbon footprints, you start seeing things differently and you want to do your share,” Phil says.

This Earth Day, Phil takes us through his journey to lowering his carbon footprint and how we can find the leader in each of us so that every day can be Earth Day.

What are some specific actions you take to minimize your environmental impact? 

PW: I was introduced to electric bikes at a work event and now I'm hooked. I initially bought my bike for fun, but it’s now a daily essential. It’s my go-to for commuting and allows me to easily conquer my city’s many hills while also exercising. Just one weekly ride cuts my driving by 20%—plus, this means less traffic on the roads for everyone else. 

At home, I have solar panels on my roof, which generate enough energy for my family’s needs. Our solar generation almost matches our consumption exactly. 

What do you think is stopping people from adding these elements to their lives? 

PW: Purchasing an electric bike or installing solar panels requires a lot of upfront research, which isn’t easy to do on your own and can be overwhelming. Because it isn’t mainstream yet and it’s a newer technology, it can feel like a large risk.  

I’m not an early-tech adaptor, so it helped to view my solar project as part of an investment strategy. Solar was also enticing because it’s “set it and forget it” with little to no maintenance involved. 

The more we see this technology in our daily lives, the more likely people are to become interested and wonder, “Maybe I can do this too?”. For example, a few of my neighbours now have solar panels on their roofs. 

What advice would you give to others who are looking to adopt more environmentally friendly practices? 

PW: Don’t be afraid to talk to people who are already doing it—they want to talk to you! We’re a niche group that loves to share our knowledge and are always eager to talk about what we’ve learned and what’s working for us. 

Most importantly, exploring what’s available and connecting with other people is the best way to learn. 

How will you be celebrating Earth Day this year? 

PW: I will be biking to work that day, but I really feel it needs to be more than one day. It has more value than just one day.

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