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Bird flight diverters to be installed on Canso Causeway lines

May 25, 2016

Commuters on the Canso Causeway will notice some action in the air Friday (MAY 27) through Monday (MAY 30) as power crews work from a helicopter to install protective devices on the lines above the crossing. Power line technicians will be installing devices called “bird flight diverters” on lines above the causeway.

Swimming Against the Current: More than a century later, gaspereau are back

May 25, 2016

Gaspereau have returned to Indian River on the St. Margaret’s Bay Hydro System for the first time in well over 100 years. On May 16, 1881, an inspector with the then federal Department of Marine and Fisheries toured the St. Margaret’s Bay watershed and noted the lack of fish because dams used for running and milling logs did not have fish ladders. Nova Scotia Power now uses that system to generate 30 gigawatt hours of hydroelectricity a year. Last year, the utility invested $4 million into building the largest fish ladder in Nova Scotia at Sandy Lake Dam. On May 17 - 135 years and one day after the federal inspector had been there - a field biologist with Nova Scotia Power checked the ladder and spotted three gaspereau in the resting pools.

Towering Great Heights: NSP Announces Transmission Tower Project

May 20, 2016

Safety will be top of mind in the coming weeks as specialized crews apply a protective coating to transmission towers in Halifax’s South End. Nova Scotia Power has contracted a company called Tower Power to paint 22 transmission towers that carry 138 kilovolts of electricity. The lattice steel towers are along properties in the area of the Halifax Port Authority and are visible from such areas as the Via Rail station and Cunard Centre. They then follow along the train tracks behind some homes in the South End to the western end of South Street.

Jim Eisenhauer thanked for service to Nova Scotia Power board

May 17, 2016

The Nova Scotia business leader who led Nova Scotia Power through its transition to renewable energy generation, is retiring from the utility’s board of directors. Bob Hanf, President and CEO of Nova Scotia Power, thanked Jim Eisenhauer for his hard work and commitment over his years as both a board member and board chair.

Major Refit Underway at Lingan, Millions of dollars being invested

May 11, 2016

It was a delicate operation despite the fact it involved a 35 tonne piece of equipment. In less than three hours last Wednesday, a key component of a generator in Lingan was slid out of its housing, hoisted up into the air by a 100 tonne crane and placed onto a flatbed truck bound for Wisconsin. Removing the 30-foot long rotor - the cylindrical core of the generator - and shipping it to Milwaukee to replace the copper wire wrapped around it is part of a $15 million investment underway at Lingan 4 generating unit.

Lighting Up the Stage for St. Paddy’s Bash

March 18, 2016

With the immensely popular St. Paddy’s Day Bash little more than a week away, Blair Brown began making his way south across 300 kilometers of Arctic tundra to Yellowknife and the first flight that would take him home to Sydney, Cape Breton. Blair had been involved in the previous ten events and wasn’t going to miss this year’s, even though the former Lingan Generating Station employee currently works at a new diamond mine in the Northwest Territories.

Nova Scotia Power brings forward Rate Stability Plan

March 7, 2016

Nova Scotia Power announced today that it will not file a General Rate Application for the next three years. The utility is seeking only fuel cost adjustments at less than the projected rate of inflation through to the end of 2019. The details are contained in NSP’s Rate Stability Plan, filed today with its public regulator, the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB). If approved, the Rate Stability Plan would extend the period of stable, predictable electricity rates that began last year through to the end of 2019.

NSP crews continue work, at the ready for customers

February 9, 2016

As last night’s winter storm brought high winds and heavy snowfall to communities throughout the province, Nova Scotia Power crews were on stand-by through the night and ready to respond if any customers lost power. With no customers currently without power, crews are continuing with regular work to “storm harden” the electrical system and are at the ready for customers in case of any potential outages.

Storm plans in place at NSP: Utility prepares for third storm in eleven days

February 8, 2016

Nova Scotia Power is preparing for a winter storm that’s expected to bring heavy snow and high winds to Nova Scotia Monday and overnight into Tuesday. “We have been monitoring the weather very closely and planned accordingly,” said Paul Casey, Storm Lead and Senior Director of Transmission and Distribution. “We have a full complement of crews and trucks placed strategically across the province and we will begin any needed repairs as soon as conditions are safe.”

Update from Nova Scotia Power

February 6, 2016

Nova Scotia Power crews worked throughout the night as a mix of freezing rain and snow battered the province. At the peak of the storm, 13,000 customers lost power after a build-up of snow and ice brought trees into contact with power lines.