Opt out of the smart meter upgrade

Process for selecting non-standard meter service from Nova Scotia Power

Before you decide to opt-out of the smart meter upgrade, please review the following facts. Smart meters are our new standard meter service. Customers have the option to benefit from smart meter technology or maintain a non-standard meter service.


Safety is our first priority

Smart meters meet or exceed industry regulations and standards that protect the health and safety of customers and our employees. Testing and regulatory oversight is very thorough while comprehensive standards are in place to ensure product safety.

Smart meters are safe.

Health Canada has concluded that radio frequency energy from smart meters does not pose a public health risk:

“Unlike cellular phones, where the transmitter is held close to the head and much of the RF energy that is absorbed is localised to one specific area, RF energy from smart meters is typically transmitted at a much greater distance from the human body. This results in very low RF exposure levels across the entire body, much like exposure to AM or FM radio broadcast signals. … Furthermore, indoor and outdoor survey measurements of RF energy from smart meters during transmission bursts were found to be far below the human exposure limits specified in Health Canada's Safety Code 6. Based on this information, Health Canada has concluded that exposure to RF energy from smart meters does not pose a public health risk.”

The safety of smart meters has been positively confirmed by many other independent entities, including entities like Public Health England and the American Cancer Society.

Underwriters Laboratories ensures that our smart meters meet or exceed all industry standards and regulations.

Our supplier has installed more than 80 million CENTRON meters in North America, including 20 million OpenWay CENTRON meters, with no safety issues. At Nova Scotia Power, we are installing the latest generation meter in this line, called the OpenWay Riva CENTRON meter.

Smart meters are accurate.

Measurement Canada tests and confirms the accuracy of smart meters:

“All electricity meters, including smart meters must meet strict requirements related to accuracy. Measurement Canada is responsible for the approval, verification, inspection and sealing of the measurement components of all electricity meters. Meters are regularly removed from service for the purpose of having their accuracy tested as part of various inspections, or as a result of a complaint made to Measurement Canada.”

Although it does not happen often, manually reading a meter is subject to human error and will be eliminated with smart meters given their ability to read meters remotely. 

Smart meters are private and secure.

Smart meters will transmit energy usage information, in an encrypted format, over a private and secure communication network to Nova Scotia Power. Not using customer WIFI.

Personal information such as customer name, address or account number is not transmitted. 


Benefits of Smart Meters

Nova Scotians are joining over 70% of North Americans that are already experiencing the benefits of smart meter technology.


BenefitWith Smart MeterWithout Smart Meter
Quicker response in event of an outageYesNo
24/7 access to energy usage information online helping you manage electricity costsYesNo
Billing notifications to help budget energy usageYesNo
Remote ability to connect and disconnect electricity serviceYesNo
Ability to benefit from new rate structures, such as electric vehicle charging ratesYesNo
Onsite meter reads and estimated bills if we can't visitNo

Opt out customers whose meters are currently read every two months will pay a fee of approximately $4 per month. This fee and the number of times a meter is read annually, is subject to review and approval by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB).

Customers whose meters are currently read monthly will continue to have monthly reads and pay a fee of approximately $22 per month*.

Ongoing monthly fees*

*If you opt out from upgrading to a smart meter and retain your current meter, you’re selecting a non-standard meter service and will be charged a fee for providing that service. This fee ensures that costs associated with continuing to use the non-standard meter is not passed onto other customers who are using smart meters. This calculation is subject to review and approval of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (UARB). These fees are an estimate and will not be charged to customers until the smart meter upgrade is complete and approval is received from the UARB to begin charging fees.


Interested in learning more?

You can read more about the benefits of smart meters here, or through our frequently asked questions

You can contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-428-6230 or email smartmeterinfo@nspower.ca.

Opting Out of the smart meter upgrade

Should you still wish to opt out from the smart meter upgrade, click here to complete the opt-out acknowledgement form for residential and here for commercial. We will then call you to confirm your information and process the request.