Point Aconi Generating Station marks 1-million hours without lost time injury

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Point Aconi Generating Station marks 1-million hours without lost time injury

SYDNEY - Employees at Nova Scotia Power’s Point Aconi Generating Station recently achieved 1-million working hours without a lost time injury.

“Nova Scotia Power has been a safety leader in this province for many years”, says Stuart MacLean, Chief Executive Officer of the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia. “These tremendous achievements reflect the leadership, focus and discipline around health and safety that exists at all levels of the company.”

The Point Aconi milestone is in addition to the company’s Eastern Territory Field Operations and Tufts Cove Generating Station teams having also achieved the 1-million hours milestone in recent years. These teams’ safety records have continued to grow, with the Eastern Territory now at 1.4 million hours without a lost time injury and Tufts Cove now at 1.3 million hours.

“Point Aconi’s ‘one-million hours without lost time injury’ milestone is an example of our employees’ commitment to safety in every facet of Nova Scotia Power’s work,” said Bob Hanf, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nova Scotia Power. “I am tremendously proud of our teams and the dedication they’ve shown to consistently make safety their topmost priority. A strong culture like this isn’t built overnight. It takes each and every employee of Nova Scotia Power to always remember that safety is our #1 priority.”

“A strong culture of safety requires everyone working together. At Nova Scotia Power, employees demonstrate that commitment each and every day,” said Jeff Richardson, Business Manager for Local 1928 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. “We are proud of our members and their co-workers at Nova Scotia Power for their dedication to safety.”

The Point Aconi Generating Station and the Tufts Cove Generating Station employ 70 and 90 employees respectively, working in a variety of jobs, ranging from power engineers, electricians and maintenance persons. The Eastern Field Operations team, consisting of 75 employees, includes power line technicians, planners, supervisors and engineers who service Nova Scotia’s Eastern Mainland and Cape Breton customers.

Across the company, Nova Scotia Power’s nearly 1800 employees take safety very seriously through a strong culture of ongoing risk assessment and preparedness, consistent training and the use of best safety practices in every aspect of the company’s work.

Last Fall, the company was recognized at the Canadian Electricity Association's (CEA) 2012 Occupational Health & Safety Awards in Ottawa with a Vice President’s Award (Transmission and Distribution category) in Safety Excellence.