OspreyCam Takes Flight in Nova Scotia

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OspreyCam Takes Flight in Nova Scotia

May 10, 2010

Nova Scotia Power and the Museum of Natural History are partnering for a fourth year to allow people worldwide into the home of our favourite ospreys, Ethel and Oscar, with the help of the 2010 OspreyCam.

The nesting osprey couple has returned. Ethel has laid her eggs just in time for Mother’s Day.

The webcam is live through May and August. Nova Scotians and wildlife enthusiasts all over the world can see Ethel, Oscar and their future offspring at http://museum.gov.ns.ca/mnh/osprey/index.asp

The OspreyCam has become a ritual of sorts for many Nova Scotia Power employees.

“My wife and I usually check it out every year,” said power line technician Danny Walker. “It’s an interesting combination of giving everyone the views the linemen see daily, and getting to watch these osprey in real time.”

Osprey arrive in Nova Scotia during late March and April. Eggs are typically laid during April and May. Through the OspreyCam, viewers will have a glimpse of the incubation period (31-41 days), hatching and rearing.

“It’s really nice to see that people have come to appreciate the OspreyCam so much,” said Janet Maltby, manager of the Museum of Natural History, “A lot of people have seen the OspreyCam over the last few years. It’s a terrific and rare opportunity to see these birds nesting.”

Visitors can also visit the Museum of Natural History in Halifax to see an osprey display, including a real osprey nest on top of a power pole and information about Nova Scotia Power’s Osprey Relocation Program.

The Museum of Natural History will be re-opening June 4th, after a 9 month closure for renovations.