NS Power launches Pull the Plug Program

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NS Power launches Pull the Plug Program

June 22, 2010

Please note: This program is no longer associated with Nova Scotia Power. Please see Efficiency Nova Scotia's Appliance Retirement Program for more information.

Old inefficient appliances or that second fridge could be costing Nova Scotians up to $150 per year on their power bill. Today, Nova Scotia Power launched Pull the Plug, a pilot program that will allow Nova Scotians an opportunity to retire older, inefficient appliances while at the same time saving money and the environment.

“The cleanest, cheapest kilowatt hour is the one that customers don’t use,” said Alan Richardson, Vice President of Integrated Customer Service for Nova Scotia Power. “Pull the Plug is one of many conservation and efficiency programs aimed at helping customers reduce their energy usage and save money.”

The program will run in the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Cape Breton Regional Municipality between June 21 and August 21, 2010. Residents in these areas can follow these simple steps:

  1. Call 902-420-3467 (toll free at 1-877-808-4549) or fill out the online booking form to schedule a pick up.
  2. A professional contractor will remove the fridge, freezer or dehumidifier and recycle it free of charge – normally a $60 cost!
  3. Residents will also receive a cash incentive for each piece retired:
    • $35 for each fridge
    • $35 for each freezer
    • $10 for each dehumidifier

The Pull the Plug Pilot Program will be administered by Clean Nova Scotia and is one of a host of energy efficiency and conservation programs offered by Nova Scotia Power. Building on the success of the 2008/2009 programs, which resulted in saving enough electricity to power over 9,500 homes (or over 85 million kilowatt hours of energy savings annually), these conservation and energy efficiency programs are aimed at helping customers use less electricity and save more money. Programs are available for residential, small business, commercial and industrial customers.

To learn about the program, including eligibility requirements, visit www.pulltheplugtosave.ca