NS Power customers save money, electricity through conservation and efficiency programs

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NS Power customers save money, electricity through conservation and efficiency programs

February 26, 2010

HALIFAX, NS - Nova Scotia Power’s conservation and energy efficiency programs helped customers save enough electricity in 2008-09 to power more than 9,500 homes.

Alan Richardson, NS Power’s Vice President of Integrated Customer Service, said the utility has exceeded its goal of helping Nova Scotians save 66 million kilowatt-hours of electricity through energy conservation and efficiency programs. An external evaluation consultant has independently determined the programs achieved energy savings of over 85 million kilowatt-hours. The results will be submitted to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board for final verification.

“The credit goes to the tens of thousands of Nova Scotians and businesses who are participating in these programs to save electricity and money,” Richardson said. “It’s good for the environment. It’s good for the wallet. And even more people are going to save as we expand the programs and transition administration to Efficiency Nova Scotia.”

Efficiency Nova Scotia is an independent corporation created by the Government of Nova Scotia to administer energy conservation and efficiency programs. Targeted to be operational later this year, it will replace Conserve Nova Scotia and assume administration of the conservation and efficiency programs currently managed by NS Power.

“We have worked with more than 40 organizations and businesses as well as all three levels of government to achieve these results,” Richardson said. “They all deserve our thanks.”

NS Power offers an array of incentives to help households and businesses reduce their electricity usage and save money. Various programs provide assistance with upgrades to insulation, lighting and even appliances. Low-income earners can access upgrades that are completely free.

In 2008-09, $11.9 million was invested in conservation and energy efficiency programming. For 2010, the budget is $22.6 million, and as of January 1, the cost of funding the programs has been appearing as a separate line on electricity bills.

Customer Comments:
Satu Peori - Kentville, NS
Received $1,400 rebate in November 2009 through the EnerGuide for Existing Houses program

“We put insulation on the outside of our house, sprayed insulation on the inside of our basement walls and installed a geothermal unit. Our house is definitely warmer this year and I’d say our electricity bills are significantly lower. I would definitely recommend the program.”
Walter and Mae O’Hara - Coddles Harbour, Goldboro
Received $9,800 in upgrades through Low Income Homeowner program

“The contractors did a good job. I could go and look at what they were doing any time. Our attic was insulated, our doors were fixed up and they installed a dehumidifier. The house is warmer and I would encourage people to get involved. I’ve mentioned the program already to friends of ours.”

Dennis Dean - Owner of Atlantic Fabrics Ltd., Dartmouth
Received lighting upgrades through the Small Business Lighting Solutions program in May 2009

"All of the old lighting was switched and brand new energy efficient lights were put in. The lights give our store truer and brighter lighting while saving energy. The savings are well worth the upgrades."

  • Estimated annual energy savings = 52,450 kWh (equivalent to enough energy to power five average Nova Scotia households)

Donny Jordan – Manager of Jordan’s Home Furniture, New Minas
Received lighting upgrades in their showroom through the Cleaner Greener Brighter program in November 2009

“I was very impressed by the professionalism of how it was taken care of and it was certainly something I think most people should do. It’s going to save you a lot of money. We are expecting even more savings in the summer as the CFL lights don’t get hot, so our air conditioning will be a lot cheaper.”

  • Estimated annual energy saving = 18,790 kWh (equivalent to enough energy to power two average Nova Scotian households)
  • Estimated total annual savings: $ 2,200 (including electrical cost and maintenance savings)

Bill Cruickshank - Recreational Facility Association of Nova Scotia, Halifax
Received lighting upgrades through the Commercial and Industrial Custom program

“I would definitely encourage others to participate in this program. We have had tremendous savings on our electricity bill and the new appearance in the facilities has been fantastic. There is much better lighting; the whole ambience in the facility has changed.”

  • Estimated annual energy savings = 297,707 kWh (equivalent to enough energy to power 33 average Nova Scotian households)