Nova Scotians name Osprey family’s new addition

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Nova Scotians name Osprey family’s new addition

August 20, 2010

HALIFAX, NS – OspreyCam fans have chosen the name Skylar for this year’s offspring of feathered stars Ethel and Oscar, Nova Scotia Power and the Museum of Natural History announced today.

This is the fourth year for the OspreyCam, which allows people worldwide to see a real-time view of Ethel and Oscar, a pair of ospreys who nest atop an unused power pole. The OspreyCam is a partnership between Nova Scotia Power and the Museum of Natural History.

The couple returned to their nest this spring and Ethel laid her eggs in time for Mother’s Day. Osprey fans were able to watch as the then-unnamed chick hatched on July 4.

“The Museum of Natural History is very proud of this relationship with Nova Scotia Power,” said Janet Maltby, Manager, Museum of Natural History. “The ability to show nature lovers Nova Scotia's provincial bird in the wild is an amazing opportunity. We wish Skylar well and wish for a safe return to Nova Scotia."

As a nod to the popularity of the osprey couple, Nova Scotia Power and the Museum of Natural History asked the public to submit names for the new chick, the sex of which remains unknown. Fans responded with more than 100 suggestions, including such creative names as Nisos, a king in Greek mythology who turned into an osprey, and Liberty, as an ode to the American significance of the chick’s birth date. Skylar, which means one who seeks shelter, received 15 per cent of the vote.

The chance to name the young osprey excited many fans and brought discussions about the poll to social networking sites.

“As an avid bird watcher, I loved the idea of having input towards the osprey's name. The hype generated from the poll is unique and not only apparent on the mainland but throughout the province, including here in Cape Breton,” said osprey fan Elizabeth Cross. “I found out about it through messages on Twitter.”

Skylar is now growing quickly and will likely fly south this winter, hopefully to return to Nova Scotia on his or her own next year.

The OspreyCam, which was visited over 55,000 times this season, attracts viewers from around the world annually from May through August. Wildlife enthusiasts can see Ethel, Oscar and now Skylar at