Nova Scotia Power warns of phone scam

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Nova Scotia Power warns of phone scam

December 19, 2014

HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia Power is warning customers about a telephone scam in which a caller poses as a representative of the company and demands money via pre-paid credit cards.

In this scam, the caller states that the customer’s account is in arrears and the person must immediately pay the balance owing or their power will be disconnected. The caller directs the person to buy a prepaid credit card and then phone a 1-888 number to make payment.

These calls are not from Nova Scotia Power. Nova Scotia Power does not ask for payment via prepaid credit cards. Halifax Regional Police and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre have been alerted to the situation.

Any customers who are suspicious about a request for payment are urged to call NS Power’s Customer Care Centre at 1-800-428-6230.

Nova Scotia Power works regularly with customers who owe on their accounts. Disconnection is the last resort after all other options to provide a payment schedule have been pursued.


Read the updated news release on this matter posted on January 9.