Nova Scotia’s newest renewable energy power plant making energy for province

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Nova Scotia’s newest renewable energy power plant making energy for province

July 2, 2013

Port Hawkesbury biomass plant
Steam turbine generator for the Port Hawkesbury biomass plant, manufactured by Mitsubishi Japan.

PORT HAWKESBURY - Nova Scotia Power today announced its newest power plant, a biomass facility in Port Hawkesbury, has begun operations and producing both electricity and steam.

The Port Hawkesbury biomass plant can produce up to 60MW of firm, renewable energy and has created new operations jobs at the plant, in addition to the economic activity created during the construction phase. It will also create new jobs in biomass fuel procurement, including positions in sustainable forest harvesting, trucking, chipping, fuel handling, forest management and silviculture.

“We have a great new team on site and a fuel procurement strategy designed to keep costs as low as possible for customers while ensuring the biomass supply is sustainable and contributes to our province’s economy.” said Nova Scotia Power Vice President for Power Generation and Delivery Mark Sidebottom. “Accordingly, most of the biomass is being sourced from within Nova Scotia. A small percentage of the fuel will be sourced from outside of the province because of existing opportunities to procure biomass at attractive pricing on behalf of customers.

“The energy from this plant will play a role in meeting the province’s renewable electricity goals and provide an environmentally responsible, firm source of energy for our province,” said Sidebottom.

“We are proud to be increasing our presence in the community of Port Hawkesbury. We want to thank our various community partners including Port Hawkesbury Paper, the Mayor and Council and local residents for their support - and we look forward to working with them,” said Port Hawkesbury Biomass Plant Manager Jeff Campbell.