Expert evidence refutes consultant allegations

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Expert evidence refutes consultant allegations

August 27, 2012

HALIFAX – Nova Scotia Power has filed expert evidence today (MONDAY) to refute the allegations Liberty Consulting Group has made in its 2012 Fuel Adjustment Mechanism (FAM) audit report. More expert evidence, along with NS Power’s reply evidence, will be filed tomorrow. (TUESDAY)

The expert evidence filed today covers the topics of: natural gas purchases, natural gas hedging, the National Energy Board’s regulation of natural gas, and lowered efficiency at the Lingan generation station due to wet coal. The evidence of each expert is summarized in a backgrounder (PDF).

Expert evidence to be filed tomorrow will cover topics including professional audit standards and human resourcing, as well as more on natural gas and coal issues. A backgrounder on these pieces of evidence will be distributed tomorrow once they are filed.

The UARB will hear arguments Thursday on the matter of confidentiality of commercially sensitive information and defamatory statements in the report. In October, the Board will hear the evidence and arguments on the validity of Liberty’s report.