Canada Post Strike Information

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Canada Post Strike Information

For our customers, vendors and suppliers who receive and/or pay NS Power bills by mail.

For our customers

We want to assure our customers who receive and/or pay their bills by mail that you are still able to access your account balance in the event of Canada Post action by contacting our Customer Care Centre or via our popular e-bill service. These are regular service options of Nova Scotia Power. If you haven’t registered to receive e-bills via MyAccount, now’s a good time to do so – it’s quick, easy and convenient!

Payment options available to customers other than mail are:

For questions about your account, our Customer Care Centre is open from Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm.

  • 1-800-428-6230 (toll free)
  • 1-800-565-6051 (TTY / Hearing impaired)

In the event there is a strike that lasts longer than a week, we will proactively contact our customers with a call-out campaign. We will contact customers who receive their bills by mail and explain how they can get their account information.

For our vendors and suppliers

Suppliers interested in establishing invoicing by fax or e-mail should contact Nova Scotia Power’s Accounts Payable Department at (902)-428-6960 or Please do not fax or e-mail invoices until arrangements have been made with an Accounts Payable Representative. Electronic funds transfer services are available by contacting the Accounts Payable Department to obtain the form required to be set up for electronic payments.

NOTE: In the event of a prolonged strike, this page will be updated with new information as it becomes available.