In and Around Your Vehicle

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In and Around Your Vehicle

Stay put, stay safe

Being in a vehicle that encounters a downed power line is extremely dangerous. If this happens to you, you should:

  • Stay in your vehicle and call 911 for help. You are safe from electrocution as long as you are in your vehicle. 
  • Keep co-workers and the public away from your vehicle.

Staying in your vehicle is always the first choice. If you absolutely must exit because of other circumstances such as fire, jump clear with both feet together. Do not touch any other part of the vehicle. Then shuffle with both feet  away from the scene until you are at least 20 meters, or 65 feet away.

Carefully check your tires

Contact with high voltage may cause severe internal and external burning of tire rubber. The tire could fail immediately, in 15 minutes or after several days, depending on the damage.


  • Do not drive the vehicle before carefully checking the tires. 
  • Allow tires to cool for at least one hour before examining. 
  • Have damaged tires inspected by a qualified tire facility. 
  • Inspect hydraulic equipment. 
  • Inspect computer equipment.
  • Learn more about staying safe around power lines here.