Around Power Lines

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Around Power Lines

Every year, there can be dozens of instances where Nova Scotians contacted power lines. Instances include vehicles running into power lines and industry workers and home/cottage owners who are cutting down trees.

Always maintain a six metre (20 foot) clearance from power lines unless you have a Safe Clearance Report from NS Power. If you're planning on working near power lines call us first at 1-800-428-6230 (or 428-6230 in metro Halifax) for information on clearance reports.

How long is six metres?

What else is six metres long?

  • Seven standard chainsaws stacked end-to-end
  • A typical shipping container
  • A two-story house, yard to rooftop
  • Two of the world record largest catfish!

When working near power lines

  • Identify potential hazards before you begin. 
  • Have a spotter to help you and remember: people on the ground are also in danger of being electrocuted if you come into contact with power lines. 
  • Contact Nova Scotia Power two weeks in advance at 1-800-428-6230 or (428-6230 in metro Halifax). 
  • Be aware of power lines at all times, especially when loading or unloading. 
  • Ensure the maximum height of your load, including the knuckle boom, is under the legal height limit. 
  • Power lines expand and sag with changes in temperature. You need to check clearances each time you work near them. 
  • Be aware of overhead utility lines. You could cut off phone service and cause power poles and lines to topple around you and your co-workers. 
  • Ensure the dump/boom body of the truck is down before you leave the site.

Learn how to stay safe if you are in a vehicle that has come into contact with power lines.

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF) 

Nova Scotia Power is committed to providing reliable electric service to Nova Scotians in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Electric and magnetic fields (EMF) exist wherever electricity is present. Electric and magnetic fields are invisible lines of force that surround electrical equipment, appliances and wires that carry electricity. 

Based on the predominant and leading research on EMF, Nova Scotia Power is confident that EMF emitted from its facilities and transmission and distribution infrastructure do not cause public health impacts. The health and safety of our employees and the public is our primary concern. We take prudent measures to protect public and employee health and safety in all areas and aspects of our operations.

Nova Scotia Power understands, however, that some people are concerned about exposure to EMF. If you have questions about EMF related to Nova Scotia Power lines, we are pleased to assist. You can call our Customer Care Centre at 1-800-428-6230 (toll free) to arrange a meeting with a Nova Scotia Power representative. Our representative can take EMF readings inside and outside your home, and provide you with a report on the findings.