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Need more street lighting? We can help.


  Call us at 902-428-6774 in HRM or 1-800-428-6774 outside HRM,
weekdays 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


NS Power offers area lighting rentals to customers. The most common reasons to rent private area lights are for safety and security purposes, but also to continue to enjoy their outdoor spaces. Residential and commercial customers can rent various wattages of high pressure sodium lights to illuminate private driveways, fields, yards, and parking areas. The lights can be installed on existing poles, or customers can request to have a pole installed. Any connection fees are charged on the first bill, and the ongoing charges for the light will appear on the monthly bill. To request a streetlight repair, please log on to the self-service portal, under the self-serve options.

Low Pressure Sodium

WATTS kW.h/Month $/Month
90 45 28.31
135 60 30.67
180 80 36.40

High Pressure Sodium

WATTS kW.h/Month $/Month
70 32 13.19
100 45 15.25
150 65 18.57
250 100 24.05
400 150 32.01

Metallic Additive

WATTS kW.h/Month $/Month
100 50 23.96
150 67 26.62
250 100 31.80
400 150 35.58
1000 360 74.39

Customers must agree to keep the light for at least one year before NS Power will install customer rented area lighting.