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ShareReady Partners

As a responsible corporate citizen Avis Rent A Car is committed to monitoring, measuring and managing our environmental impact, and we are constantly seeking ways to reduce it where practical. Our efforts reach across our global organization however we are pleased to offer a local initiative to our customers in Halifax. The Avis fleet has included gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles and now we offer our first 100% electric automobile. Avis Rent A Car uses a set of international standards by businesses to establish, implement, maintain and improve environmental systems such as participating with the Share Ready program. This effort touches every aspect of the company's operations.

DHSE is an Engineering company committed to the advancement of clean and efficient energy use and storage. The primary customers of DHSE are automotive in the field of electric vehicle technology. DHSE is participating in the ShareReady program  to support the connection between our work in developing wind power with the Colchester Cumberland Wind Field Inc. ( and transportation with our automotive customers.

Headquartered in Nova Scotia with more than 1,600 employees from coast to coast, EastLink delivers world-class video entertainment, internet and telephone services to residential, business and public-sector customers across Canada. Using its state-of-the-art fibre network, EastLink offers advanced services including the best OnDemand, HD and 3D programming, High Speed Internet including our Internet 100 Mbps, competitive local telephone services, and exclusive locally produced programming via EastLink TV.

EastLink is pleased to take this opportunity to better understand both the environmental and business benefits of alternate fuel source vehicles.

Encanex is in the business of providing value added innovative environmental and specialty fabrication solutions to its mineral extraction and processing, oil & gas and energy clients. We search and deliver big and small innovations that allow our partners to meet their corporate goals and objectives. We have distinguished ourselves by not only developing the in-house capability to safely operate onsite but to also design and build at our specialty fabrication facility right here at home in Atlantic Canada. This approach saves money and minimizes liability for our clients.

We chose to participate in the program because we recognize NS Power’s Leaf program as a green innovation and it aligned perfectly with Encanex's environmental business line and our core value of providing innovative solutions.

CBCL Limited was very intrigued when they first heard of Nova Scotia Power’s unique and industry leading ShareReady all electric vehicle pilot program. CBCL prides itself on promoting and supporting environmental and socially responsible activities - and more specifically sustainable transportation - the ShareReady program was the perfect opportunity to showcase those ideals and efforts. As an engineering firm the program also provided CBCL with an opportunity to get first-hand knowledge about the infrastructure required to support electric vehicles as well as to partner with two of their highly regarded and key clients; Nova Scotia Power and O'Regan’s. As well, the firm often discussed having a vehicle available for company use in lieu of taxi's and personal vehicles - again, the ShareReady program was an ideal catalyst.


The Port of Halifax is a diverse cargo and cruise port and was the first port in Canada to be ISO 14001 certified for its Environmental Management System. The Halifax Port Authority has shown commitment to sustainable development and the health and safety of the environment, local community and its employees by integrating environmental management into its operations. Acquiring a 2012 Nissan LEAF through the ShareReady program was a natural fit within the organization's principles. The LEAF provides a more environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, and the opportunity to learn more about the technology and generate discussion about new technology and environmental sustainability.


Saint Mary’s University is home to a vibrant and engaged community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni from more than 90 countries around the world that share a passion for learning and a commitment to contributing to the local and global community. Established in 1802, Saint Mary’s has grown to include undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Arts, Business, Science, and Environmental Studies as well as numerous professional and executive development programs. Many of these programs offer field courses, internships, or co-operative education options, allowing students to mix classroom experience with real world skills.

One of Canada’s most international campuses, we boast more than 1,000 international students and we have forged more than 40 international partnership agreements. A compact campus, small average class sizes, and welcoming students, staff and faculty help foster a spirited and inviting atmosphere that is the hallmark of the Saint Mary’s community. Saint Mary's is distinguished in our global focus. In keeping with our vision - to be the University of Choice for aspiring citizens of the world - our University is expanding its global reach at an unprecedented rate.

Saint Mary’s takes pride in its commitment to sustainability inside and outside the classroom. Whether it’s our degree granting programs in the environmental sciences or our conservation efforts in residences, we are acutely aware of the legacy we leave to future generations of students. We embrace the opportunity to participate in the ShareReady program and test the LEAF, not only as an opportunity to decrease the size of our environmental footprint, but also to offer comment and insights that will help others when they choose to make their commitment to the environment.

Wilson Fuel Co. Limited is a leading fuel supplier in Atlantic Canada. We strive to provide a premium level of customer service and high value products to our customers. Along with our home comfort services, retail gas stations and convenience stores we offer a full range of residential and commercial security solutions.

As an independent gasoline retailer and supplier, Wilsons Gas Stops operates its own service stations and distributes fuel to dealers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. Wilsons decided to participate in the ShareReady program because we are an energy company always looking into the future and exploring our options. We want to see firsthand how the Nissan Leaf holds up and investigate what if any potential impact the all-electric vehicle will have on our business.