ShareReady Program

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ShareReady Program

ShareReady was a Nova Scotia Power pilot program developed to learn more about electric vehicle transportation issues in Nova Scotia.  

In 2011, NS Power launched the ShareReady program to find out if Nova Scotia was ready for electric vehicles. In partnership with O’Regans, the ShareReady team shared 10 all-electric Nissan LEAF™ vehicles with 9 local organizations. 

The goal was to raise corporate and public awareness of electric vehicles, and in three years, ShareReady partners: 

  • Drove over 250,000 km in Nissan LEAF™ vehicles
  • Average vehicle saw 25,000 km
  • Highest-use vehicle traveled 46,000 km
  • More than 300 people got behind the wheel

The results of our pilot program

The ShareReady program was an excellent tool for organizations to test electric vehicles in their fleets, but the true benefits of the program lie in the additional interest and activity that it has generated in EVs, acting as a stepping stone for future development in the sector.

Overall, program partners rated the vehicles’ driving performance very highly. But they also identified several challenges.

Advantages  Speed and acceleration, noise, comfort and layout 
Challenges  Winter range, long distance trips, planning trips

Although the upfront capital cost is greater for electric vehicles, reduced fuel and maintenance expenses means that owning an electric vehicle can be more cost effective in the long run.


Read the full Shareready: An Electric Vehicle Pilot Program Report prepared by NS Power, or read the Municipal Fleet Case Study prepared by the Clean Foundation.