Electric Vehicles

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Electric Vehicles

how they work

Electric vehicles (EVs) are safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, and save you money. EVs use electricity instead of gasoline, save you thousands of dollars a year on fuel costs and require less maintenance. They don’t require oil changes, transmission fluid, or exhaust systems. By switching to an EV in Nova Scotia, you can reduce your transportation emissions by as much as 50% today, and even more over time as electricity generation emissions are further reduced.


With funding support from Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), we are installing a network of 12 Level 3 fast chargers from Yarmouth to Sydney, making it a more viable option to drive an electric vehicle in Nova Scotia. These chargers will charge an electric vehicle in 15-30 minutes. This network addresses the lack of high-speed charging stations, which is a primary inhibitor to Nova Scotians adopting electric vehicles. Further contributing to the solution, the Government of Nova Scotia plans to include an additional 12 Level 2 chargers at the same locations. These chargers will provide a charging solution for plug-in hybrid vehicles that are unable to charge using the Level 3 chargers.