Considering An Electric Vehicle?

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Considering An Electric Vehicle?

The benefits of going electric

Save money

According to, EV drivers, on average, can save as much as $1,500 a year by driving electric. The cost of purchasing electricity is substantially less than purchasing gas. EVs use less energy to operate, which also makes them cheaper.

Reliable and easy to drive

Most EVs will last approximately 140-180km before needing a charge. There are approximately 100 charging stations across Nova Scotia to make sure you’re never without an outlet on the road, and more charging stations are being installed every year.

Easy to maintain

The motor inside an EV is tried and true technology, without the complications that come from a gas motor. There are no coolants, oils, mufflers or exhaust systems to worry about so you’ll also save money on maintenance compared to a gas powered vehicle.

Help the environment

Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Nova Scotia. With an EV, the only carbon emissions come from the power stations that generate the electricity. With 28% of Nova Scotia’s electricity coming from renewable resources, and with the percentage of renewable sources growing every year, driving an EV can reduce your emissions footprint. An EV in Nova Scotia emits as much as 50% less CO2 than a gas car, which will only improve overtime as we progress towards our goal of 40% renewable generation by 2020.