Electric Heat Thermostat Types

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Electric Heat Thermostat Types

Programmable electronic

  • This type of thermostat can be programmed to automatically set a temperature whenever you wish. Many models are accurate within 0.5°C of the set point. These models offer "custom comfort" according to your daily schedule. For example, program your bathroom to be heated in the morning. Or your family room to be warm when you arrive home from work.
  • Time-based programmable thermostats have the potential for significant savings for your heating budget – up to 30 per cent.

Line voltage dual diaphragm thermostat

  • This precise, sensitive thermostat can maintain a comfort level at a lower temperature setting. That means savings for you. This type is appropriate for every room in your house.

Line voltage electronic thermostat

  • This thermostat uses a solid-state sensing component to ensure fast response time and correction of temperature changes in your home. It is appropriate for high-use living areas.

Low voltage thermostats

  • These types of thermostats are generally used for central heating systems and provide good control
Options Line Voltage Dual Diaphragm Line Voltage Electronic Programmable
Electric Baseboards
Cottage* Good
Basement*/garage Good
Bedrooms Good Better
Bathrooms Good Better
Main Bedroom Better Best
Main Living Area Better Best

*Should have an ‘off’ position.