Step 3

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Step 3

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Step 3

Your To Do List

We will let you know what steps you need to complete. Here are some examples:

  1. Apply for Municipal Building Permit.
  2. Hire a certified electrician.
  3. If required, pay fee – under normal circumstances NS Power will supply up to 92 meters of equipment free of charge.
  4. If required, have a Grant of Easement signed by you and the neighbour who has the property the right of way will need to go through. During the site visit the planner assesses the customer's easement and right-of-way needs. View the What you need to know about easements videos above to learn more.
  5. Tree trimming for Right of Way clearing.
    • The right-of-way must be cleared of tall trees or shrubs that could pose safety hazards or whose growth could damage electrical equipment and cause power interruptions. Depending on the situation, you could be required to clear between 10-20 feet on either side of the power line.
  6. If required, rock breaking for pole installation is determined during the site consultation.