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E-pay is a convenient and secure way to pay your power e-bill with the click of a mouse.

With your authorization the payment is automatically debited from your account within two business days. You maintain control over your payment amount and timing by using one of the three e-pay payment features: single, fixed amount, or automatic withdrawal.



e-pay customers have complete control over their payment amount and date.


You will be able to view your bill and pay it from the same site without multiple log-ins.


If you are not satisfied you can cancel e-pay at any time.

How to sign up

  1. Print and complete the form (PDF).
  2. Attach a void cheque.
  3. Send both items to Nova Scotia Power by
    e-mail: payments@nspower.ca (a scanned copy of application and a cheque is acceptable)
    fax: 1-877-862-1340 (toll free)
    mail: Payment Services, Nova Scotia Power, PO Box 910, Halifax NS, B3J 2W5
  4. Once your application is processed you will receive an e-mail notifying you are registered. Your bill will not be paid until you say so by setting your payment instructions through e-pay.

Why do I have to fax, e-mail or mail a form?

Canada Payment Association (CPA) required Nova Scotia Power to obtain a signed authorization form and a void-cheque from every customer as proof of authorization. Recent changes to these requirements will allow for electronic forms of authorization in the future.

Why do I have to send in a void-cheque? Why can't I use a Credit Card?

Your void cheque not only authorizes your electronic payment, but it also provides the exact numbers we need to process your request directly and securely from your financial institution.

NS Power accepts ‘one-time’ Visa or MasterCard payments using EZPay. Learn more about our payment options here.

Where do I find the e-pay form to sign up?

The e-pay sign up form is only available to e-bill customers. As an existing e-bill customer you can click on the PAY button on your current bills page to access the e-pay form.

If you are not an existing e-bill customer and wish to sign up for e-pay, you must first register for e-bill using your NS Power account number and Web access Number (Both available on your bill) or by calling us at 1-800-428-6230 (428-6230 in Metro Halifax), or through our TTY number 1-800-565-6051

I received an e-mail from NS Power regarding the approval of my e-pay application, what should I do next?

Once you have been registered for e-pay, you will need to set up your bill payment option on your e-bill site. There are three payment options available to you to make these bill payments:

  • Single/ Independent payment
  • Fixed amount payments
  • Automatic payments
  1. Single / Independent payments

    These are "one-time" payments, you simply click the Pay button, select the date and amount and then click submit. You can do this each time your bill arrives.

    Recurring Payments

    To setup a recurring payment, simply click on the Payments link, and then click on the  button. Next click on  button. Once in the new screen, as seen below, please select your choices and click submit.

  2. Fixed Amount Payments

    Customers can choose to pay a specific amount on their account and the number of payments they would like to make. For example, you can choose to pay $100 every month for 10 payments.

    The last payment amount setting in the fixed amount option lets you choose a different amount from your pre-selected amount for the last payment. For instance if a customer chooses to pay $100 every month for 10 payments with last payment amount of $90 then customer would have paid $990 in 10 months. This last payment setting can be changed and/or canceled at any point.

    Note: This feature will only withdraw a fixed amount. Any excess charges on the bill over this fixed amount could result in late charges if not paid by the bill due date.

  3. Automatic Payments

    The automatic payment option allows bill payments to be withdrawn from your bank account on the date you select.

    This feature is only activated when a new bill arrives. Any existing or previous power bill before registration of e-pay must be paid using the single/independent option or another type of payment option.

    Note: This feature will withdraw the full bill amount on due date for new bills issued after you chose this option. For current or outstanding bills, please use the single/independent option.

How do I cancel e-pay?

To cancel e-pay you can either:

  1. From the e-bill homepage, click on the payments section from the green site menu on the right side of the screen.
  2. Click on the "My Payment Accounts" button in the payment section of the e-bill. To delete your banking information, simply click on the appropriate account and click delete. The edit button only lets you change the nickname of an account in e-bill; customers are not able to change bank account number.


Contact a customer service representative at: 1 (800) 428-6230

What does the Payment Status mean?

When a recurring payment is made on e-pay it goes through a few different stages as it is processed.

  • Three days before the payment is due to be withdrawn from your account the status of the payment will change to Scheduled.
  • On the day of the withdrawal the status changes to Pending.
  • Once the Payment has been processed by the bank it will change to either Approved or Rejected.

Payments made toward bills outside of e-pay will be displayed in the Payment section with an Approved or Rejected status.

Payment's status can be monitored as it goes through different stages of processing. This can be done from the Current bills page.

How can my Scheduled payments be changed or canceled?

When the payment status is SCHEDULED, you can still change the payment amount or cancel the payment. To do this, click on the "My Recurring Payments" in the payment section of e-bill.

Once the payment status is changed to PENDING, it cannot be canceled or modified.