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Q: What is a NS Power Service Provider?

A: A NS Power Service Provider is an electrician or electrical contractor who is trained by Nova Scotia Power to disconnect services at the weather head and remove meters in order to perform service upgrades and panel changes.


A service provider may disconnect services attached to residences rated from 30-200amps, 120/240v, and single phase 3 wire.  Meter removal is for 30 to 200amp, 120/240v, self-contained, 4 jaw meters only.  


Q: How often will training sessions be offered?

A: We will offer training sessions annually. A list of upcoming offerings will be posted at nspower.ca/serviceproviders.


Q: How long is the training good for?

A: Your training certification will be valid for 3 years.


Q: Who can become a NS Power Service Provider?

A: Any Red Seal Certified Journeyperson Electrician may become a NS Power Service Provider.


Q: What is the cost of the training?

A: The cost of training is covered in your annual fee of $300. 


You are required to have the mandatory equipment and Arc Flash PPE and ensure it is brought to the training session for verification.


Q: What specific equipment do I need to have?

A: The mandatory equipment and PPE includes:

  • Meter Removal Tool
  • Meter Storage Box
  • Arc Flash Face Shield
  • Arc Flash Gloves (Recertified every 6 months)
  • Arch Flash Coveralls (Full body)

Q: Where can I purchase the mandatory equipment and PPE?

A: Arc Flash Clothing can be purchased at Aucklands-Grainger, McLoughlans, Du Pont, Fastenal, as well as Wearwell Garments.


The Meter Removal Tool and the Meter Storage Box may be purchased from Nova Scotia Power during the training session.


Q: As a NS Power Service Provider, who can I pull permits for?

A: You may request permits in the name of the company you are registered with or under your own name for yourself as the service provider.  


Q: What tasks may a service provider not perform?

A: As a service provider you will not be permitted to:

  • Perform disconnects or meter removals without a permit
  • Reconnect services
  • Re-install meters
  • Do storm related disconnects without permission from Nova Scotia Power