Energy Solutions At Work

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Energy Solutions At Work

Santé Centre in Bedford, Nova Scotia

Sante Centre

Our Business Solutions team recently partnered with a local energy solutions company, to design and implement a tailor-made heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC) system.

The solution is a combination of emerging technologies including; 40 tons of high performance rooftop heat pumps, energy recovery ventilators, variable air volume distribution systems, and advanced building automation systems (BAS) strategies and sequences and has surpassed expectations achieving almost 50% less energy intensity than the average Atlantic Canadian medium-sized commercial building.

Cornwallis Inn in Kentville, Nova Scotia

Cornwallis Inn
Nova Scotia Power’s Business Solutions team and two of its preferred partners worked closely to uncover a modern, cost effective and high performing solution designed especially for the historic building.

The solution included a Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) Heat Recovery system, with heating and cooling capabilities, heat recovery outdoor units and a simple payback period of four years.

The Benefits of Electrification

Electric utilities in many parts of the world, including Nova Scotia, are examining their load and consumption profiles in the wake of the development of energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy generation programs.

Beneficial electrification can be demonstrated to be consistent with the environmental responsibility provisions in the CSR policies of many Nova Scotia Power C&I customers.

We work closely with you to meet your energy needs in the most cost effective manner that is also consistent with your CSR policies.