Tiverton Tower Replacement

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Tiverton Tower Replacement

Improving service reliability for Long Island and Brier Island

Ensuring electrical service reliability for our customers is a top priority for Nova Scotia Power.

Nova Scotia Power is nearing the finish line of a $1.5 million project that will increase service reliability and reduce the risk of power outages for more than 600 customers on the two islands. The project includes replacing the tower in Tiverton, on Long Island in Digby County, as well as the electrical lines that cross Petit Passage.

The new tower and electrical lines were safely installed between May and July 2019, and the new tower was painted and had its lights installed in August. In order to safely energize the new lines, a planned power outage will be required in late early fall . At this time, we anticipate the outage will be approximately six hours long. We will consult with local residents and businesses to schedule the outage for a time that will minimize disruption as much as possible.

After the outage is complete and the new electrical lines are energized, the last step in the project is to remove the old tower and lines. This is expected to be completed before the end of 2019.

New lines, new lights

The new Tiverton tower now has navigation lights installed — one light on top of the tower, and one light at the mid-point. These lights will flash red at twilight and night-time. Powered by photocells, the lights on the tower are much like the headlights on a car — they may activate during the day if there is heavy fog or cloudy skies.