Open Houses

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Open Houses

We are holding a series of open houses in different communities across the province. See below for a list of our 2016 open houses.

In 2014, we gathered input from our customers about what was important to them. They told us that they wanted to hear more from Nova Scotia Power – they want more information on our programs and services, options to control their energy cost and a better understanding of the business.

Our 2016 open houses across the province were a success and we’ll be holding them again this year. We will give information on customer care options and programs, home heating solutions (heat pumps) and the Clean Foundation will join us to discuss and sign-up participants for the HomeWarming Program.

2017 Open house locations

 Date and time
Location venue
April 11, 2017
6 - 8pm
 Yarmouth Tusket Main Dam Refurbishment Open House
Lake Vaughan Fire Hall
617 Raynardton Rd