Common Questions

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Common Questions

Where can I learn more about NS Power before applying?

You can learn more about us through different areas of our web site. We host information on topics ranging from how we generate electricity, renewable energy projects, energy saving programs, community engagement and even our regulatory applications, if you're into that sort of thing.

How do I apply for a job?

Applying for a job is simple! Once you have found a job that you are interested in, click on the "Apply for this position" button, complete a profile, answer the job-specific questions and attach your resume.

How often are new jobs posted on the website?

We post jobs frequently, so please visit our website to check them out.

How long do jobs stay posted on the site?

Most jobs are open for two weeks but others may stay open until the position is filled. It is a good idea to visit the web site often.

Is a cover letter required for all applications?

A cover letter is optional; however, it helps us to get to know you better.

Do I have to answer all of the online questions even if the answers are in my resume?

Yes, questions with * are mandatory.

Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes, you're welcome to apply for any jobs that you believe match your skills and career aspirations.

How long will you keep my resume?

 Your application will be kept for a minimum of six months. However, to ensure the information is current, candidates are encouraged to regularly update their profile.

Can I submit my resume without applying to a specific job?

Yes, you can submit your resume to our database for future opportunities by clicking on “Want to send us your resume?” at the bottom of the job postings page.

Now that I have sent my resume in, how long will it take before I am contacted for an interview

You will receive an acknowledgement that your resume has been received. After the closing date resumes are evaluated and we compile a shortlist of suitable candidates. Only applicants selected for the shortlist will be invited to attend an interview.

Why is salary information not listed on job postings?

For non-unionized positions, salary information is not listed on our job postings as we recognize that candidates may bring differing levels of skills, education and experience to our open postings. For unionized positions, salary information is available.

Will my personal information be protected when I submit my application?

Emera is committed to protecting personal information that is provided to us. All of the personal information collected when you submit your application will only be used for the purpose of recruitment and hiring.