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Historic Billing Information


MyAccount offers you online access to your billing history. Review past bills and compare your usage with our interactive tool. MyAccount has many more features, sign up for MyAccount here. To find out more about MyAccount click here.

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Consider Equal Billing
The monthly payment is based on the past year of energy use at your address. If you’ve just moved in, it won’t take into account your power use habits. However, many things that won’t change have a big impact on power use, such as: Size and age of the home Number of electric appliances Level of in...
Billing and Payments
{"Pay Your Bill"} Pay Your Bill Find many convenient options for payment your power bill How to Read Your Bill Have a question about your bill? Our how-to guide can help. Power Rates See the various classes of electricity rates. {"Demand Billing"...
For Students
MyAccount Are you looking for online services? Learn more about MyAccount and how to sign up to conveniently manage your account online. MyAccount offers the following features: View and pay your bill online Confirm the date and amount of your last payment View your billing and payment history for...
For My Home
In this section RESIDENTIAL ENERGY SOLUTIONS We can help you with a wide range of home heating solutions including heat pumps, water heaters, and electric thermal storage products. You can also learn about innovative technologies for your home such as electric vehicles, ba...
Equal Billing Calculator
Square Footage Total square footage including basement (numbers only) Type of Home Select one... Bungalow Split Entry Mini-Home Storey and a half Two Storey Age of Home Greater Than 5 Years Less Than 5 Years R2000 R-2000 certified homes are best-in-class energy-efficient homes that include high le...
Pay Your Bill
Electronic In-person Mail Electronic Pre-Authorized Payments Set up automated payments and have your bills paid directly from your bank account with our pre-authorized payment plan. Set up pre-author...
Equal Billing
{"EqualBill2019"} Account Numbers Account numbers are assigned with each new account. Your account remains the same even when the address changes for the account. Equal Bill Amount due This is the date and amount of the total payment due. This amount in...
For My Business
In this section BUSINESS Solutions The Business Solutions team works closely with businesses to identify and recommend commercial energy solutions that save money, and contribute to a greener Nova Scotia. Self-Service Options Use some of o...
Demand Billing
What Is Demand Billing? Demand billingis a standard practice used throughout North America to fairly recover costs from some business customers who use more than a specified amount of electricity during peak periods. Demand bills have two components: the total amount of electricity used (the ener...
Important General Information
The following informationis found on the back of the printed paper bill. Rates and Regulations: The rates and regulations for selling power are approved by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. Complete copies of our Rates and Regulations are available...
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