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Air Source Heat Pumps


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Air source heat pumps absorb natural warmth from the air outside and gently distribute it throughout your home. They are the most efficient type of home heating system and also offer the added benefits of air conditioning and summer dehumidification.

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Types of Heat Pumps
Ducted HEATPUMP A ducted heatpump has one outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit. The heatis distributed from the unit through ductwork or vents into individual rooms, providing whole-house heatingand cooling. These systems are ideal for new home construction or added to existing forced-air ....
Benefits of a Heat Pump
HEATPUMP 101 Switching to a heatpumpis often easier and less expensive than you might think. Whether you have an old home or a new home, have duct work or not, we can help determine if a heatpumpis the right solution for you. HOW THEY WORK Heatpumps are a single system used to heatand cool...
Five Reasons You Should Get A Heat Pump
So you’ve been thinking about getting a heatpump, but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for you? Here are five great reasons that now is the time to make the switch: Year-round comfort. The name heatpump might make you think that it is only good for warming your home. You’d be mistaken. A hea...
Heat Pumps
CLICK HERE TO FIND A CONTRACTOR HOW THEY WORK Heatpumps are a single system used to heatand cool your home. Airsourceheatpumps work by transferring heat energy from the air outside of your home to the air inside, keeping you warm on cold winter days. In the summer time, they work in reverse....
Maintenance & Operation
Like all heatingand cooling systems, proper maintenance is key to getting the most out of your heatpump. Your contractor will be able to offer you a maintenance package, but there are a few things you can do on your own to help (check your manual for more detailed information). Your outdoor unit...
Heat Pump Financing
We can help you invest in the benefits of a heatpump through our easy, on-bill financing options. On-bill financing lets you add payments directly on to your power bill. Here’s what getting on-bill financing looks like: Get Estimates : You’ll need to get a quote from our list of participating con...
Ways You Can Save
Heatpumps use less energy to operate than other heatingand cool equipment. They are up to 300% efficient, which means for every dollar you spend on heating, you get up to three dollars worth of heat. When it comes to cooling, they’re twice as efficient as traditional air conditioning units so yo...
Delivering the Power of Joy with two heat pump giveaways
What could make the most wonderful time of the year even better? A heatpump giveaway! This past holiday season we committed to spreading the power of joy and asked: if you could gift a heatpump to anyone, who would it be? We received an outstanding 2,800 nominations and couldn't pick just one wi...
Electric Heat
Thermostats Thermostats located in uninsulated basements and garages should have an "off" position. Otherwise, the heater will stay on during the coldest days. Keep the rooms in your house at close to the same temperature setting (within 2°C). This will avoid drafts and long waiting periods for th...
Equal Billing Calculator
Square Footage Total square footage including basement (numbers only) Type of Home Select one... Bungalow Split Entry Mini-Home Storey and a half Two Storey Age of Home Greater Than 5 Years Less Than 5 Years R2000 R-2000 certified homes are best-in-class energy-efficient homes that include high le...
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