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Report an Outage

If your power goes out, you have the option to report your outage directly from the outage map by clicking on the triangle icon, or by calling our customer care centre. It’s your choice!

Report your outage online in three quick steps. You just need your postal code and your phone number OR your NS Power account number.  You may report an outage from your cell phone, or any device with data, and we’ll receive it instantly.

Be sure to use our live outage map to stay up to date on the latest restoration information.

If you’d prefer to call, please contact our 24hr Power Outage Line at 1-877-428-6004.   When you call, you will automatically receive information about known outages in your area, including:

  • Location of the outage
  • Cause of the outage, if known
  • Estimated time when power will be restored

The information you receive will be based on the phone number you are calling from. Customer phone numbers are connected to 911 civic addresses in our records. If you need more information about your 911 civic address call 1-800-388-3911.

For more information about outages, please visit our Outage Information section. Once there, you’ll know more about;

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Report Suspicious or Unsafe Activity
See or hear about something suspicious or unsafe? Reportit to us below. Suspect electricity theft? Please click here. ... Outage Centre Log In to MyAccount Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube ... OutageInformation: 1-877-428-6004
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