Our Best Answer: Do you have an outage map?

Our user-friendly outage map shows you up-to-date information about power outages in Nova Scotia.  Our outage map is intended to give you a geographical view of power outages across the province. You can access the map from anywhere, from any device to get view outages affecting you or your family. Zoom, search or allow us to find your location to see your estimated restoration time, outage cause, and more.   

The map shows all outages affecting fewer than five customers to outages affecting over 5,000 customers.  Multiple outages in a certain area will be clustered together and expand into different coloured outage icons when you zoom in. The colours represent different sized outages. Learn more about the map here.

You can also report your outage directly from the outage map by clicking on the triangle icon. Report your outage in three quick steps. You just need your postal code and your phone number OR your NS Power account number.  You may report an outage from your cell phone, or any device with data, and we’ll receive it instantly.

Be sure to use the outage map to stay up to date on the latest restoration information.

For more information about how we plan for and respond to outages and what you can do to be prepared, visit our Outage Centre.


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About the Map
Navigation How do I use the map? Panning To pan the map, use the arrow keys on your keyboard, or click a point on the mapand then drag the map in any direction. Zooming To zoom in or out, click the corresponding button on the view control in the upper left corner of the map, or rotate the wheel o...
Outage Centre
view outagemaP & REPORT YOUROUTAGE ONLINE See near real-time information about all power outages affecting our customers and report youroutage online. ABOUT THE MAP Learn about the features and functionality of the outagemap. Being Prepared While prolonged outages are un...
The Storm Wars Trilogy
{"Careers"} Careers Contact Us Newsletter Site Map ... Outage Centre Log In to MyAccount Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube ... Outage line: 1-877-428-6004 Outagemap: outagemap.nspower.ca ... Outage Information: 1-877-428-6004...
Nova Scotia Power continues to repair storm damage and restore power to customers
Power has been restored to all but 350 of the 158,000 customers across Nova Scotia affected by a severe storm with wind gusts over 100 km/hour that began Christmas Day and continued into Boxing Day. Please note there have been subsequent outages since the ... HALIFAX, NS – Power has been restored...
Make plans to be storm ready this winter
WINTER IS HERE In Nova Scotia, we all know that means nasty storms are on their way. Here are a few things to keep in mind before a potential outage: Make sure we haveyour most up-to-date information so that if you report a power outage, we can efficiently process it. Let us know if you or someon...
Nova Scotia Power prepares for forecasted storm
HALIFAX, NS – Nova Scotia Power is preparing for a storm system that’s expected to bring freezing rain and wet snow to Nova Scotia Friday and is encouraging customers to be prepared as well. Nova Scotia Power is monitoring the track of the storm. If the forecast freezing rain followed by snow mate...
Power restoration efforts continue “at full force” after this weekend’s storm
HALIFAX – As of Sunday morning, Nova Scotia Power crews have restored electricity to 90 per cent of customers who lost power on Friday and Saturday. Restoration efforts continue and steady progress is being made to bring the power back on for those customers who were hardest hit by this weekend’s ....
Update from Nova Scotia Power
HALIFAX – Nova Scotia Power crews worked throughout the night as a mix of freezing rain and snow battered the province. At the peak of the storm, 13,000 customers lost power after a build-up of snow and ice brought trees into contact with power lines. After last weekend’s storm, many trees in the ....
Nova Scotia Power continues storm preparations
HALIFAX – Nova Scotia Power continues to prepare for a storm that’s expected to bring freezing rain, ice and wet snow to Nova Scotia today and overnight. NSP has activated its Emergency Operations Centre for coordination of planning and response to the storm. The forecasted weather could result in...
Preparing for Tropical Storm Erin - Nova Scotia Power gets ready to respond
Halifax, Nova Scotia – Nova Scotia Power is activating its Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) at noon tomorrow (Thursday, August 29) in advance of Tropical Storm Erin. “There can be a lot of variability with tropical storms, so we’re activating our EOC to ensure we are fully prepared for any impact...
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