Oil Facilities

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Oil Facilities

In addition to being able to use oil at the Tufts Cove Generating Station, we operate three combustion turbines that are used in periods of high demand.

Combustion Turbines
Location and
Generating Capacity

Burnside Combustion Turbine
Generating capacity: 132 MW
Location: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Victoria Junction Combustion Turbine
Generating capacity: 66 MW
Location: Victoria Junction, Cape Breton Island


Tusket Combustion Turbine
Generating capacity: 24 MW
Location: Tusket, Southwestern Nova Scotia

  • Because they burn more expensive light fuel oil and tend to be less efficient than other thermal generating units, Nova Scotia Power’s combustion turbines typically serve as a secondary source of generation. 
  • An exception is the two natural gas-fired combustion turbines at Tufts Cove Generating Station which operate highly efficiently and which create lower levels of air emissions than other thermal facilities. This is because the units are newer and use cleaner burning natural gas.