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We use a combination of methods to manage vegetation growth near power lines.


  • Aerial trimming of trees
    Qualified foresters use bucket trucks to prune branches that are too close to energized equipment. We direct remaining growth away from the wires to prevent trees from growing into the power line.

  • Mechanical clearing
    At sites with tree regrowth, mowers are used to clear the site and open space for shrubs to grow.

  • Manual clearing
    Areas are selectively cut with chainsaws and brush saws to ensure only tree growth is removed. We also use this method around streams to ensure some tree and shrub growth is left to provide shade and cover for wildlife.



Cutting hardwood trees leads to quick regrowth of new tree sprouts from the stump, interfering with the growth of low-lying shrubs and requiring our crews to return more often to the area for maintenance. Herbicide application effectively prevents this regrowth and promotes the growth of lower-growing plants like grasses, shrubs, ferns and berries that do not interfere with power lines.

  • Cut stump herbicide application
    A precise amount of herbicide is placed directly on the freshly cut surface of a stump to control re-sprouting.

  • Foliar herbicide application
    Herbicides are applied selectively to the leaves of hardwood tree sprouts to eliminate any increase in tree growth after management. The herbicides are applied at ground-level so that shrubs are not impacted.