Vegetation Management

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Vegetation Management

We control tree growth near power lines to prevent outages year-round.


Our electrical grid is made up of over 31,000 km of power lines. In many areas of Nova Scotia, our power lines run through forested areas and along tree-lined roads.

Trees and branches can fall on lines and cause outages, particularly during storms. To maintain reliable service and ensure safety, we routinely manage tree growth with an annual investment of more than $20 million.


In recent years, we have invested millions in creating wider rights-of-way to limit the impact of trees near high voltage lines. We maintain over 1,000 km per year in urban, suburban and rural communities across the province. To learn more about how we trim trees on or around residential properties, visit our Tree Trimming webpage.

Our goal is to create rights-of-way composed of low-growing shrubs and compatible trees that don’t interfere with power lines and provide stable conditions for wildlife. Each year, our professional foresters identify priority work areas throughout the province and use a combination of methods to prevent trees from growing in close proximity to power lines.

We reach out to municipalities where work will take place and go door-to-door in neighbourhoods where crews must access properties. We also advertise at least 20 days before beginning any work and we post street-level notification on site at least seven days before any herbicide application.

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