Environmental Management Systems

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Environmental Management Systems

Nova Scotia Power manages its environmental risks through an Environmental Management System (EMS) that meets the ISO 14001 international standard.

An EMS is a set of tools and processes that allows a company to better manage environmental aspects of its business and improve performance. It’s an important way for a company to identify its environmental impacts, set goals to manage them, and plan how to meet and improve upon their goals.

Employees in our Environmental Policy and Programs and Environmental Services groups, along with environmental coordinators and others work with our generating stations, our field offices and our leadership team. They track data about our environmental performance and ensure we’re working within federal, provincial and municipal requirements. They’re always looking for ways we can do better.

Employees throughout our company do their part for the environment in a variety of ways. They might simply try to waste less in their day-to-day work or they could be helping to keep our province’s osprey population safe and healthy by relocating nests from atop power poles. Everyone has a role to play.