Environmental Aspects and Initiatives

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Environmental Aspects and Initiatives

Environmental Aspects are areas of the company’s operations that have the potential to affect the environment- air emissions, water use, water discharges and waste management.

Nova Scotia Power has a company-wide environmental management system (EMS) that addresses environmental aspects such as:

  • Air Quality
  • Fuel
  • Oil and PCB
  • Process Water and Waste water
  • Fish and Aquatic Habitat
  • Wildlife and Terrestrial Habitat
  • Chemical and Dangerous Goods
  • Water

Programs have been developed under each aspect to manage the risks, including:


A significant proportion of NS Power’s generation assets remain fossil fuel based. Combustion of fossil fuels results in the release of greenhouse gases and air emissions.


Water is used a number of ways in our operations such as to generate power in hydro stations and in the process of generating power from coal and natural gas.


NS Power has a large portfolio of properties and lands that it may impact directly or indirectly.

Waste Management

NS Power has a number of waste streams that must be managed within our operations.

Habitat and Cultural Protection and Stewardship

Our operations touch many parts of the land and watersheds of Nova Scotia and we look for opportunities to protect species of concern, habitat and cultural resources that may be impacted by our operations.