Rate breakdown by customer class

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Rate breakdown by customer class

We are in the process of updating this page with 2019 data. For the time being, please click here for the latest information.


Bill amounts paid by individual customers may vary from the above benchmarks due to a difference in usage between the customer and its rate class average and difference between rate design  and  functional cost breakdown under the COSS for each class.


Generation is the process of producing electricity from sources of primary energy. It is the first stage in the provision of electricity to end users, the other stages being transmission, distribution, and retail.

  • The Generation-Fuel category reflects the cost of fuels burned in Nova Scotia Power's power plants to generate electricity, and the cost of purchasing electricity from independent power producers.
  • The Generation-Non-Fuel category reflects the fixed costs of generation, such as the depreciation of generation assets, financing costs, income tax, and operating, maintenance and general (OM&G) expenses. Further information on generation at Nova Scotia Power can be found here: "How we make electricity"
Transmission and Distribution

Transmission is the bulk movement of electricity from a power plant or other generating site to a substation, usually at a voltage of 69 kilovolts or above. Transmission equipment includes high voltage power lines, transmission poles and substations.  

The Distribution system carries electricity from the transmission system to individual consumers. Distribution substations connect to the transmission system and reduce the electricity voltage to between 4 kilovolts and 25 kilovolts. Distribution equipment includes distribution substations, feeder lines, poles, transformers (which reduce voltage to what is required for customer use), service lines to individual customers, and electricity meters.

Transmission and Distribution costs include fixed costs such as depreciation, financing costs, income tax and OM&G. More information on transmission and distribution at Nova Scotia Power can be found here: "How we deliver electricity"


Retail costs include customer care services such as metering, billing, call centre, credit services, marketing and sales. Retail costs are primarily OM&G related.

Streetlight Fixture

These are costs of streetlight and area lights owned by Nova Scotia Power. They include maintenance and capital costs. These costs are entirely recovered from customers in the Unmetered rate class.

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