Renewable to Retail

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Renewable to Retail

New market will enable independent renewable energy producers to sell directly to retail customers.

In consultation with interested stakeholders, Nova Scotia Power has developed a framework to enable competitive renewable electricity supply to retail customers, in accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Reform Act (2013). This includes new and amended tariffs, procedures, and standards of conduct necessary to facilitate the sale and purchase of renewable low-impact energy.  The hearing before the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board was held in January and included input from a number of stakeholders interested in the opening of this new market. The board has reserved its decision.

Licensed retailers who enter this new market will use Nova Scotia Power’s systems to enable delivery of their renewable energy. To ensure continuous supply to the licensed retailers’ customers, Nova Scotia Power filed tariffs with the board that we believe reflect stakeholder input and meet provincial legislation.

Nova Scotia Power must provide a broad range of services to the licensed retailers, such as providing back-up and spill services when retailers aren’t providing enough energy to their customers or are over-producing. In accordance with provincial legislation, NSP has ensured mechanisms are in place to ensure customers who do not take up this service do not incur additional costs to provide this new service.

That legislation says retail suppliers and their customers are to be responsible for all costs related to the provision of this new service that would otherwise be the responsibility of Nova Scotia Power and its customers.

We will provide you with the latest updates on this market as the process unfolds.

Application - September 1, 2015

Stakeholder Conference – September 11, 2015

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