2017 Fuel Credit

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2017 Fuel Credit

We saved money on fuel and those savings go back to you.



In 2016, we saved $36 million in fuel costs. A number of factors led to these savings, including Nova Scotia Power achieving favourable pricing on natural gas, oil and coal, as well as higher use of renewable generation, and decreased load due to winter conditions that were milder than anticipated.

We are able to refund these savings back to customers through a one-time credit that will be applied to their accounts by April 30, 2017. The refund amount will depend on the individual customer’s power usage in 2016. Most residential customers will receive between $20 and $50.

*If you were a customer in 2016 but are no longer, you may apply for the fuel credit here.

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Q: Who will receive the fuel credit?

A: A: To be eligible for the fuel credit, you must have had electricity usage in 2016. The fuel credit applies to residential, commercial and street light accounts.

Current customers with an active account as of March 2nd, 2017, and electricity usage from the previous year will see the fuel credit on their bill statement by April 30th.

If you were a customer in 2016 but are no longer, you may apply for the fuel credit here.

Q: When will I receive my fuel credit?

A: If you had an active account (as of March 2nd, 2017) AND power usage in 2016, your Fuel Credit will appear on your bill under ‘Other charges’ by April 30, 2017.

*If you are on Equal Billing, your credit will appear on your statement with the actual meter read.

*If you have a seasonal account (i.e. for a cottage) your credit will appear on your first bill in the spring.

Q: I have two NS Power accounts. Will I receive two credits?

A: Each active customer account will receive an on-bill credit. The amount will depend on your usage from 2016.

Q: Do I also receive a fuel credit for my streetlight rental?

A: Yes. A rented light is eligible for a fuel credit.

Q: I am no longer a customer of NS Power, but was last year. Could I still receive the fuel credit?

A: As a former customer, you may apply for the fuel credit here.

Q: Where will I see the credit on my bill?

A: Under ‘other charges’. Taxes, the residential Provincial Rebate, and interest you earned on your fuel credit are all included as part of the credit amount.


Q: Why are you reversing a portion of the Provincial Rebate from my fuel credit?

A: Since you are being credited for a portion of last year’s power usage on which you received the Provincial Rebate, we are “crediting back” (or reversing) the portion of the Rebate that you would have received in 2016 on your fuel credited amount.