Delivering clean, affordable energy for Nova Scotians is our mission and commitment. We believe in building a greener future for our province, and that’s why we’ve made our transition to renewable energy a priority.

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0% of Nova Scotia’s electricity is generated from renewable sources

Where is Your Energy Coming From?

There’s a lot of work that goes into powering our communities each day! It’s our job to make sure that electricity is always there when you need it, and that means making sure we’re generating the right amount of power to match demand throughout the day. The weather plays an important role in deciding where your electricity comes from. On a blustery day, as much as 50% of your electricity could be generated by wind.
Natural Gas & Oil
Solid Fuel
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30 Days of Wind Generation

Wind power is the largest contributor to renewable energy in our province—but because it’s an intermittent source of energy, we can’t always count on it. Today we generate electricity from wind in real-time when the weather conditions are right. In the future, technology like battery storage will allow us to store excess generation from wind, enabling us to bring more of this important renewable energy resource to the grid.
Maximum available wind ( MW)
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30 Day High MW
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Peak Power | April 19, 2021

Electric load management is how we match our electricity supply with customer demand. Each day we anticipate the peak load so that we can ensure we’re generating enough electricity to serve you.

Current Load
available capacity

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Forecasted Peak Load

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Yesterday's Peak Load

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Emera creates $5 million Inclusion & Diversity Fund


Emera (TSX:EMA) is pleased to announce the creation of the Emera Inclusion & Diversity Fund. Emera and its operating companies plan to collectively invest a minimum of $5 million over the next five years to support organizations and initiatives advancing inclusion and diversity in our communities.
As part of the fund, Emera is investing $300,000 to establish Youth Explore! programming with the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS). Over the next three years, Emera and Nova Scotia Power will provide critical programming and support for youth aged 16-25 who are new to Canada and entering the workforce in Nova Scotia. While this is the first investment announced as part of the fund, Emera will continue to work with organizations in Nova Scotia and across its operating regions to identify other opportunities for partnership and investment. 
“At Emera, we are committed to working together with our employees to promote diversity and inclusion across our organization and to make meaningful contributions to the communities where we live and work,” says Scott Balfour, President and CEO, Emera Inc. “We are proud to be headquartered in Nova Scotia, where we have progressive immigration policies designed to make our province stronger. We’re pleased to be collaborating with ISANS on this new initiative to help immigrant and refugee youth as they prepare to enter the workforce and become future leaders in the province.”
YouthExplore! participants will learn about culture, rights, and responsibilities in Canada, and develop their skills in areas including digital literacy and resume writing. As the project is developed, Emera and Nova Scotia Power employees will have the opportunity to participate as mentors and volunteers.  
“ISANS, Emera and Nova Scotia Power share the vision of making communities stronger and more welcoming places to live for all. The Youth Explore! program will provide orientation, guidance and mentorship to newcomer youth so they can realize their full potential. We are thrilled to strengthen and expand our partnership with Emera on this important work,” says Wenche Gausdal, Director of Programs, Settlement, Community Integration & Support Services at ISANS.
Nova Scotia Power employee Banpreet Singh Shaney, Project Engineer at Tufts Cove Generating Station, knows first-hand the importance of the kind of support that will be provided through this new project. 
“ISANS helped me with the very sweet journey I’ve been on, immigrating to Canada from India. I’m proud that this donation by Emera and Nova Scotia Power is supporting an ISANS program that will provide such important help to immigrant youth,” he says.
The Emera Inclusion & Diversity Fund is a collaborative effort across Emera and its operating companies and will directly support programs and initiatives that advance and promote diversity, help to remove barriers and support education and awareness. The fund is part of Emera’s Community Investment Program, which is focused on helping build safer, stronger and more innovative communities. The fund is also reflective of Emera’s journey towards an inclusive and diverse culture, supported by active inclusion and diversity employee networks across the organization. 
For more information about Emera’s Inclusion & Diversity Fund and how to apply for funding, please visit:


About Emera

Emera Inc. is a geographically diverse energy and services company headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with approximately $32 billion in assets and 2019 revenues of more than $6.1 billion. The company primarily invests in regulated electricity generation and electricity and gas transmission and distribution with a strategic focus on transformation from high carbon to low carbon energy sources. Emera has investments throughout North America, and in four Caribbean countries. Emera’s common and preferred shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and trade respectively under the symbol EMA, EMA.PR.A, EMA.PR.B, EMA.PR.C, EMA.PR.E, EMA.PR.F and EMA.PR.H. Depositary receipts representing common shares of Emera are listed on the Barbados Stock Exchange under the symbol EMABDR and on The Bahamas International Securities Exchange under the symbol EMAB. Additional Information can be accessed at or at


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0 tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced since 2010


We make electricity from a variety of sources. You can find our facilities from wind farms, to hydroelectric plants, to thermal generating stations across Nova Scotia.

Maritime Link

The Maritime Link will deliver clean, renewable and reliable electricity from Newfoundland and Labrador to Nova Scotia and reduce the use of fossil fuels and exposure to unpredictable oil and solid fuel prices.