Contractor Program & Audit

Contractor Program

As part of our Environmental Management System (EMS), we expect external contractors who work with our company understand our environmental practices and risks.

It’s vital that contractors and suppliers understand our commitment to the environment and to adhere to our standards - it’s what our customers and our stakeholders expect. Contractors and suppliers are required to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations and to adhere to best management practices wherever appropriate.

We encourage, but don’t require, that contractors or suppliers explore opportunities to develop ISO 14001 equivalency with their environmental management systems.

When contractors work with our company, we communicate the environmental requirements and expectations that are specific to the project they are working on and provide a Contractor Environmental Requirements Handbook (PDF).

Any environmental incidents involving contractors are tracked in our database just as we track incidents involving our employees.

Audit Program

Under our EMS, we have a formal environmental audit program that reviews how well we comply with the criteria set out in our EMS as well as with our regulatory requirements. As part of the audit process, all operating areas within our company are visited on a regular cycle every three years and our Environmental Management Systems within our Power Delivery and Power Generation divisions are reviewed yearly.

The results of our Environmental Management System audits are reported to our Senior Leadership Team and Board of Directors, and acted upon appropriately. Auditors who complete this work on behalf of Nova Scotia Power are certified by the Canadian Environmental Certification Approvals Board (CECAB).

Although not formally part of the audit program, our employees regularly inspect facilities and infrastructure to identify potential issues and take appropriate action.

Our environmental policy sets the environmental expectations and the framework for our operations.