Osprey Management Program

Osprey Management Program

From late March to September in Nova Scotia, ospreys are a common sight, as they love to build their huge nests up in high, clear places, such as on the tops of power poles.

Since 1979, Nova Scotia Power has been working to protect the osprey, a once endangered species and the official bird of Nova Scotia. Through the Osprey Management Program, our power line technicians and environment team work closely with the Department of Lands and Forestry to relocate threatened nests from atop live utility poles to safer, unused poles placed nearby. We only relocate nests when absolutely necessary, to ensure the safety of our crews and to protect the nesting osprey.

Osprey Cam

The Osprey Cam attracts thousands of viewers from around the world with a “bird’s eye view” of a pair of nesting osprey in Nova Scotia.

In 2001, Nova Scotia Power relocated the osprey pair – fondly known as Ethel and Oscar – and their nest from a power pole after it caught fire. The pair has returned to the nest each year since to hatch their chicks.

We partner with Nova Scotia Webcams and the Museum of Natural History to share Ethel and Oscar with the world. We’re proud of the fan base built by the Osprey Cam over the years and thank everyone for their support. As always, you can reach us via Twitter at @nspowerinc with the #OspreyCamNS hashtag.

Wildlife enthusiasts can see Ethel, Oscar and their offspring at Nova Scotia Webcams' Osprey Cam