Large General Tariff

Large General Tariff


This tariff is applicable to three phase electric power and energy supplied at the low voltage side of the bulk power transformer to any industrial customer having a regular billing demand of 2,000 kV.A or 1,800 kW, and over.

Demand Charge

$13.845 per month per kilovolt ampere of maximum demand of the current month or the maximum actual demand of the previous December, January or February occurring in the previous eleven (11) months.

Energy Charge

11.714¢ per kilowatt hour.

Fuel Adjustment Mechanism (FAM)

The FAM Actual Adjustment (AA) and Balance Adjustment (BA) charges or credits (in cents per kilowatt-hour) applicable to the Tariff for the current rate year, shown in the FAM Tariff, shall apply. These charges are accounted for within the energy charge on your bill. To view the cents per kilowatt-hour charge, click here.

Minimum Monthly Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be the greater of $21.280.

Sample Large Industrial Firm Unit Cost

The average unit cost to the customer varies according to the billing demand and energy relationship measured by “ Load Factor ”. Average unit costs (¢/kW.h) are shown for a range of load factors. Monthly customer cost = ¢/kW.h x consumption (kW.h).

Load Factor¢/kW.h
(excluding taxes)


Tariffs, rates and descriptors shown are for information purposes only. Official tariffs as per Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board approved Rates and Regulations schedules.

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